The Skeletal Muscle Plasticity and Regeneration Laboratory provides several types of opportunities, please inquire directly with Dr. Greising if you are interested. 

Prospective undergraduate and professional students, please email describing your interests. Students are expected to commit to lab participation for a minimum of two semesters.

Prospective graduate students should see the Kinesiology and/or Rehabilitation Science graduate program websites, and read some of the lab's recent publications. If after reviewing this information you feel there is overlap in research interests, please email describing your previous research experiences and your research questions or topics of interest. Please also send me your CV, including your GPA.

Postdoctoral funding in my lab is focused generally on volumetric muscle loss injury. If you have interest and experience (see the lab's recent publications for detailed information about research interests), please feel free to contact Dr. Greising to explore opportunities. Prospective postdocs, please briefly email describing your research questions or topics of interest, your CV, and 1 or 2 of your publications.